Even with one of the most varied and extensive ranges of furnaces and ovens available, there are still occasions when a standard design simple does not meet a user’s precise requirements. That is when the real advantage in dealing direct with the manufacturer becomes clear, especially a manufacturer, who has the breadth and experience that Carbolite Gero possesses.

We can easily quote modifications or even a custom built furnace or oven. It may be something as simple as needing one of our standard products just a little larger or smaller, or to reach a higher temperature. Alternatively it may be a design that is required for a standard test method or to work within standards compliant regimes such as AMS 2750E or Nadcap for heat treatment applications.

In these situations Carbolite Gero has the experience and skills to modify our standard designs or engineer bespoke solutions in order to achieve the appropriate levels of compliance. Below are some examples showing just a few types of furnace and oven modifications that are available.
  • Uniformity and Heat

    Uniformity and Heat
    • Multi zone furnaces
    • Taylor made larger ovens and furnaces
    • Forced and natural convection ovens
    • Cascade control
    • Hot wall furnaces
    • Cold wall furnaces
  • Nadcap AMS2750E and CQI‑9 compliance

    Nadcap AMS2750E and CQI‑9 compliance
    • For aerospace and automotive Industry
    • Temperature range compliance
    • Class of temperature uniformity
    • Temperature instrumentation type
    • Uniform zone requirements
    • TUS and SAT
  • Special Atmosphere and Ultra High Vacuum

    Special Atmosphere and Ultra High Vacuum
    • Modified atmosphere
    • Controlled atmosphere with inert gases
    • Reactive gases (H2, CO, CO2, H2S, H2O, CH4, Ethen and others on request)
    • Ultra-high vacuum and partial pressure
    • SiC tiles for element protection
    • After burner (thermal, catalytical or with active propane gas flame)
  • Clean Room

    Clean Room
    • Flange mounts to fit in clean room walls
    • Up to clean room class 5 (ISO 14644-1), class 100 (Federal standard 209E)
    • Ovens up to 700°C
    • Furnaces up to 3000°C
    • Oven and furnace body in grey room
  • Glove Box

    Glove Box
    • Tube furnaces up to 1800°C
    • Chamber furnaces up to 3000°C
    • All glovebox sizes available
    • Front loading furnace
    • Bottom loading furnace from ceiling of glove box
  • High Pressure Furnaces

    High Pressure Furnaces
    • Up to 100 bars
    • Up to 3000°C
    • Sapphire glass windows for pyrometer
    • Automated pneumatic bayonet interlock
  • Fast Cooling

    Fast Cooling
    • Ambient air blower
    • Water cooling
    • Water cooled heat exchanger for inert atmospheres
    • Moving radiation shields for fast cooling under vacuum
    • Quenching in water or oil
  • Combined Furnace Racks

    Combined Furnace Racks
    • Space saving racks
    • Safety containments available
    • Common control box