Definition of Drying:

Removal water or solvent at the end of a process may be carried out using a laboratory oven. Some drying applications such as that of coal may be closely defined within standard test methods for example ASTM D2691 – 01, ASTM D2961 – 01a ASTM D2961 – 02, ASTM D2961 – 95a ASTM 3302 / D3302M-10, STM D2013 / D2013M 12, BS 1016-102:2000, BS 1016-1:1973 BS ISO 13909-1:2001 , BS ISO 13909-2:2001. For these, Carbolite Gero have developed a dedicated coal drying oven.

This is most often with the objective of ensuring that only the phase to be dried is lost and that no additional thermal decomposition of the sample occurs.

Care should always be taken that neither the solvent being dried from the sample nor any powdered constituents of the sample are able to form explosive mixtures within the oven or the exhausted fumes.

Gravity convected chambers may be preferred for the reduced likelihood that samples may be disturbed. Alternatively fan assisted convection may be preferred because of the improved uniformity and faster drying action.